excerpt taken from the press release:

between the lines

angela dwyer – martin eugen raabenstein – yosip zanki

schaufenster berlin

april 04, 2014

‚€˜between the lines’€™ is an exhibition of three positions that use drawings in the expanded field of practice within contemporary art. the exhibition magnifies the role played by drawing in terms of the power to describe, express, and as a method of narrative representation. there is a particular focus on the interstices of lines that walk, lines that talk, and lines that create the possibility of imagining alternative worlds of experience through forms of linear narration.

martin eugen raabenstein reminds us that the line is a gesture, a moment of grasping inner comprehension, since the action of gesture itself (regardless of subject) is a means to convey feeling and/or intention. it implies movement and sentience of the part of the maker, a moment of affirmative consciousness as well as the possible comportment of a thought. the hidden visible of the gesture is the unseen but implied space of visualised communication, which can be aesthetical or opinionated, ethical or self-revealing.

‚€˜between the lines’€™ therefore refers to the complex inferences at work in drawing today, where drawing in no longer seen merely as an adjunct to other practices such as painting, sculpture and architecture. neither must drawing be seen merely as an instrumental technique and/or tool in the forming a simple or literal meaning (as per wittgenstein’€™s ‚€˜tool theory‘), but has to be understood again as extension, and as a unique expanding form and field of consciousness.

mark gisbourne, curator, art historian and critic

april 2014